Mutandine Assorbenti

Briefs Bloomin Nude +

Briefs Bloomin Nude +
Briefs Bloomin Nude +
Mutandine Assorbenti

Briefs Bloomin Nude +

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Absorbent fabric
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The Bloomin line combines the softness of lycra with the refined touch of tulle to pamper you during your menstrual flow. Bloomin briefs with moderate absorbency plus also accompany you on days of moderate/heavy flow to make you feel confident and sexy at the same time. The inner fabric has an absorbency equivalent to approximately 3 regular pads/tampons or 1 medium cup.

Fluyda underpants are produced with fabrics that comply with the OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 regulations which certify the absence of substances harmful to health. Furthermore, processes with low environmental impact are used, thanks to the reduced use of water.

Fluyda's single-layer absorbent fabric is thin and different from all absorbent underpants on the market, generally made up of multiple layers of fabric that make the fit more uncomfortable and heavier. The Fluyda fabric measures only 2 mm and contains numerous innovative qualities in the global framework of products dedicated to menstrual absorbency:

ABSORBENT : Depending on the degree of absorbency of the model, the fabric can absorb up to the equivalent of 4 regular pads / tampons or 1 cup.

WATERPROOF : you don't lose a single drop thanks to the waterproof membrane.

DRY FEELING : the flow is absorbed in 1-2 seconds.

helps prevent genital infections and odors thanks to the use of a yarn that makes these characteristics permanent.

STAIN PROOF : thanks to the use of a stain resistant yarn, it does not have any blood residues if washed according to the instructions.

Composition of fabrics

EXTERNAL FABRIC: Lycra (84% Polyester, 16% Elastane), Tulle (69% Polyester, 31% Lycra)

ABSORBENT FABRIC: 86% Polyamide, 8% Elastane, 6% Polyurethane

In the washing machine or by hand at maximum 40 °
Do not bleach
Do not iron
Do not dry clean
Do not put in the dryer

Innovative absorbent fabric
100 washes guaranteed
Elasticity and comfort

You can buy this model together with others and benefit from a discount!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Antonella S.
Great product

Discrete, invisible, ecological and comfortable. They absorb a lot.

Excellent S.
Very soft and functional!

12 hours without changing the tampon? I thought it was incredible, a breakthrough in terms of convenience and also saving time and money!


I did not think there were more effective methods than traditional sanitary pads, I changed my mind. The skin no longer in contact with the pad is free. Feeling dry up to 12 hours straight !!!

Wise and definitive option

I am a lady of a certain age, already in menopause. I felt guilty about constantly wasting panty liners for my losses. I tried, on the advice of a friend, this model of absorbent panties and I don't think it will ever come back! They are easy to wash, do not retain odors (obviously you need to have a spare pair behind if you are away from home for a long time) and are comfortable! They also model the "roundness" of the body very well.

VERY safe

Top model! I chose them "naked" because I love to dress in white and black would show. I was afraid of leaks, especially since I have an absorbent flow but in reality it is enough to check and change them often. I have never stained myself!

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