General conditions
Conclusion of sales contracts

The confirmation and sending of the order by the customer (by "Customer" we mean the site user who completes the purchase through the ecommerce portal), following the various steps that will appear on the screen from time to time, involves the having read and fully accepted these general conditions of sale by the Customer. The sales contract between Fluyda and the Customer is understood to be finalized with the acceptance of the order by Fluyda

If the Customer is a consumer (natural person who purchases the goods for purposes not related to his professional activity, or makes the purchase by requesting an invoice made out to a valid VAT number) once the online purchase procedure has been completed, he will print or save an electronic copy and in any case keep these general conditions of sale, in compliance with the provisions of articles 3 and 4 of Legislative Decree 185/99 regarding "distance selling".

Any right of the Customer to compensation for damages or indemnity is excluded, as well as any contractual or extra-contractual liability for the non-acceptance, even partial, of an order.

method of purchase

The Customer can only purchase the products present in the online catalog at the time the order is placed. The available articles are visible online, as well as the respective technical details, illustrated and described in the product sheets. The purchase will be considered complete upon receipt of the confirmation email which will be sent to the email address communicated by the Customer only after the completion of the total payment of the order, therefore including any transport and delivery costs, as provided for in the following art. 5. The deduction, as well as accounting of the amount will be verifiable from the statement against.

The image accompanying the description of a product may not be perfectly representative of its characteristics but may differ in colour, size, accessory products present in the figure. All purchasing support information (Glossary, Purchasing Guide, etc...) is to be understood as simple generic information material, not referable to the real characteristics of a single product.

The correct registration of the order by Fluyda will be confirmed by confirmation email, sent to the email address communicated by the Customer. This confirmation message will contain the Date and Time of receipt of the order and a Customer order number (order ID) to be used in any further communication relating to the aforementioned order. The message re-proposes all the data entered by the Customer, all information relating to the essential characteristics of the goods, the price, the payment method, the delivery methods and costs and the respective applicable taxes. The Customer must ascertain its correctness and promptly communicate any corrections.

In the event of non-acceptance of the order, Fluyda guarantees timely communication to the Customer.


The products will be sold at the prices, inclusive of VAT, indicated in the online product sheet at the time of the order confirmation by the Customer. The costs for delivery may be charged to the Customer and will appear on the "order summary" web page. Before the customer confirms the order by clicking on the appropriate button, a summary of the prices of the products added to the cart and any delivery costs will appear on the web page. These data will then be automatically reported in the order form that Fluyda sends to the customer following the order confirmation.

Accounting documentation and delivery methods

For each order accepted and issued, Fluyda issues a receipt for the shipped material, sending it by e-mail to the order holder, pursuant to article 14 of Presidential Decree 445/2000. For the issuance of the tax receipt, the information provided by the Customer at the time of the order is valid. No variation of the fiscal document will be possible after its issuance. No responsibility can be attributed directly to Fluyda in the event of a delay in order fulfillment or delivery.

Terms of payment

The Customer can pay by Credit Card, Pay Pal or cash on delivery. At the same time as the order by the customer, the reference bank (in the case of payments by credit card) will authorize and debit the amount relating to the order placed on the customer's credit card. In the event that the Customer exercises the right of withdrawal, in the manner defined in Article 6 below, Fluyda will return the amount previously charged directly to the customer's credit card or PayPal account, excluding shipping costs already incurred, unless case of total withdrawal. In case of payments on delivery, the refund will be made by bank transfer.

At no time during the purchase procedure is Fluyda able to know the information relating to the Customer's credit card, transmitted, via secure connection, directly to the website of the bank that manages the transaction and no Fluyda computer archive will keep such data .


Pursuant to art. 5 DL 185/1999, if the Customer is a consumer (i.e. a natural person who purchases the goods for purposes not related to his professional activity, or makes the purchase by requesting an invoice made out to a valid VAT number), he has the right to withdraw from the purchase contract for any reason, without the need to provide explanations and without any penalty, subject to compliance with the conditions set out here.

To exercise this right, the Customer must send a written communication to that effect, within 14 working days from the date of receipt of the goods. This communication must be sent by e-mail

Once the aforementioned communication of withdrawal has been received, the Customer Service will quickly inform the Customer of all the instructions on how to return the goods, which must take place within 10 days of the authorisation.


All Fluyda products are covered by the manufacturer's conventional guarantee and by the 24-month guarantee for lack of conformity, pursuant to Legislative Decree 206/05. To use the warranty assistance, the Customer must keep the tax receipt or invoice (or DDT) that he will receive via e-mail in electronic format.

The exercise of the Warranty may include requesting assistance from authorized assistance centers in the area and/or following the methods illustrated in the documentation inside the product packaging.

The manufacturer's standard warranty is provided in the manner described in the documentation inside the product packaging. If, following intervention by an Authorized Assistance Centre, the defect is not covered by the manufacturer's standard warranty, the Customer will be charged for any costs of verification and recovery requested by the Authorized Assistance, as well as transport costs, if supported by Fluyda.

The 24-month warranty pursuant to Legislative Decree 206/05 applies to products that present a lack of conformity, provided that the product itself is used correctly, in compliance with its intended use and with the provisions of the attached technical documentation. This guarantee is reserved for the private consumer (natural person who purchases the goods for purposes not related to his professional activity, or who makes the purchase without indicating a VAT number in the order form). In the event of a lack of conformity, Fluyda shall restore the conformity of the product by means of repair/replacement or a reduction in price, at no cost to the Customer, until the termination of the contract. If, following intervention by an Authorized Assistance Centre, the defect does not result in a discrepancy pursuant to Legislative Decree 206/05, the Customer will be charged for any costs of verification and recovery required by the Authorized Assistance, as well as the costs of transport if supported by Fluyda. Replacements in the event of DOA (Dead On Arrival: product not working on delivery) take place only if expressly provided for by the manufacturer. The timing of replacement or repair of the product depends exclusively on the manufacturer's policies.

In the event that, for whatever reason, Fluyda is unable to return a product under warranty to its customer (repaired or replaced), Fluyda may, at its discretion, proceed to refund the amount paid taking into account the use of the asset or to its replacement with a product of equal or superior characteristics.

The times for repairing or replacing the product depend exclusively on the policies established by the manufacturer and no compensation can be requested from Fluyda for any delays in carrying out repairs or replacements.

In cases where the application of the guarantees provides for the return of the product, the goods must be returned by the Customer in the original packaging, complete in all its parts (including packaging and any documentation and accessory equipment: manuals, cables, etc ... ); to limit damage to the original packaging, we recommend placing it in a second box; the affixing of labels or adhesive tapes directly on the original packaging of the product should be avoided in all cases.

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This contract is regulated by the Italian law.

For the solution of civil and criminal disputes deriving from the conclusion of this Contract, if the Customer is a consumer, the territorial jurisdiction is that of the reference court of his Municipality of residence; in all other cases the territorial jurisdiction is exclusively that of the Fluyda headquarters.