Fluyda absorbent panties absorb menstrual flow thanks to a 2mm thick single-layer absorbent fabric combined with a waterproof membrane. Since the underpants are washable (by hand or in the washing machine max 40°), you can reuse them every month to replace disposable sanitary pads, possibly in combination with the cup.

Fluyda panties have 3 degrees of absorbency.

MAXIMUM : suitable for heavy flows (usually the first/second day of menstruation), with an absorbency equivalent to approximately 4 full sanitary pads or 1 menstrual cup. We recommend choosing the culotte or boxer models for particularly red days.

MODERATE : Suitable for medium flow days, absorbency is equivalent to approximately 2 full pads or half a menstrual cup. They can also be worn on heavy flow days in combination with the menstrual cup . They are so thin that they can also be used for daily losses and small urine losses.

LIGHT : to be worn at the end of the period, for small vaginal/urinary losses or in case of spotting. Lightly absorbent models are the healthy alternative to panty liners. They are also suitable for medium/heavy flow days in combination with the menstrual cup .

The first aspect to note to know when you need to change your Fluyda panty is the wet sensation. The white variant of the absorbent fabric also allows you to check when the blood halo becomes more evident and therefore understand when the time has come to make a change.

Fluyda's menstrual panties can be washed both by hand and in the washing machine, the important thing is to always wash them with cold water (nb hot water allows blood to settle on the fabrics).


Soak for a couple of hours in cold water with your usual detergent. Afterwards, rinse until the water runs clear and hang out to dry.

Machine wash

If we have a full load washing machine to do, we can immediately wash our panties with the other clothes at 40° max. If, on the contrary, it will take some time before you wash them in the washing machine, we recommend rinsing them in cold water while waiting for the washing machine.

Things to never do

Dry clean only
Tumble dry

Absolutely yes. The absorbent fabric of Fluyda panties has antibacterial properties guaranteed up to 100 washes to prevent genital infections, irritations and odours.

It depends on how abundant the menstrual flow is and therefore on how many times a day we change. To be sure you always have a Fluyda absorbent panty available, we recommend a set of at least 5 panties (degree of absorbency to be chosen based on the type of flow) or less if used in combination with the cup.

Fluyda absorbent panties are guaranteed up to at least 100 washes.

Fluyda panties respect the parameters of commercial sizes, so we choose the size we use every day. Let's remember that during our period we tend to feel more swollen so if we hesitate between two sizes we generally recommend choosing the larger one for a truly comfortable experience.

Fluyda absorbent panties are safe and comfortable during the night, we recommend the maximum absorbency boxer and culotte model which have a greater absorption capacity.

The fabrics in contact with the skin and intimate parts are certified by OEKO-TEX , a standard that guarantees the absence of harmful substances.

There is no difference in terms of absorption capacity and performance between the two fabrics as they are made with the same materials. We have chosen to make the absorbent fabric in white color to allow you to control the color and amount of flow. Furthermore, in the case of some pathologies (e.g. vulvodynia) it is preferable to place light colored fabrics in contact with the vulva.