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Norma is the comfortable and convenient Made in Italy cup, with a consistency tested and approved by 1000 of our users.

The best thing when your period comes is to be able to count on a welcoming but also solid and reliable friend. A friend who listens to you and knows how to contain in a soft embrace everything you let go in the days of blood.
The Norma cup is the friend you were looking for!

How was it born?

Designing the NORMA CUP we asked ourselves what was the right consistency to combine comfort and hold: the 1000 users who tried and approved Norma told us that our cup is the right middle ground between the hardness of Mooncup and the softness of Meluna .

How does it work?

As with long-term friends, it takes some time to get to know her and get to know her but, after the first phase of adaptation, you can always count on her. Norma collects blood three times in a super absorbent tampon. Furthermore, thanks to the perfectly adherent edges, it prevents the leakage of blood which could cause unpleasant odors.

Why choose the Norma Cup?

1 The NORMA CUP preserves the vaginal pH. If after menstruation you are more prone to dryness, irritation, candida and bad smells, this is caused by disposable products. In addition to the blood, these products also absorb vaginal secretions which protect you from the invasion of potentially pathogenic bacteria.

2 The NORMA CUP is worthwhile. The medical grade silicone we have chosen is durable and strong. Do you want to know how much you save? Consider that on average you spend about 40 euros a year on sanitary pads while the NORMA CUP you buy it only once and it lasts for years.

3 THE NORMA CUP is ecological. A traditional sanitary napkin takes 500 years to disintegrate, shocking isn't it? The NORMA CUP can be used during the flow days, for months and for years following the care instructions.

Which size to choose?

Vaginal muscle tone varies over time, so choose size M if you are under 30 and have not had children. Choose size L if you are over 30 or at any age if you have given birth.

How to wear the cup?

Before use
Boil your NORMA CUP for 5/7 minutes in plenty of water to sterilize it.

During the menstrual flow
Always wash your hands before inserting the NORMA CUP.
Wash the NORMA CUP with water and neutral soap every time you empty it, if you are away from home use only water and as soon as possible carry out a correct cleaning.

After the menstrual flow
Wash the cup with warm water and mild soap. Boil it for 5/7 minutes in plenty of water. Let it air dry. Store it in a dry place.

Cleaning the holes
The 4 holes in the upper part of the cup are essential for it to adhere well to the walls of the cervix. For a good functioning of the NORMA® CUP, make sure that they are always open and not obstructed. If necessary, use a needle or pin and push it through each hole. Be careful not to damage the cup.

What not to do
Do not leave the NORMA CUP unattended when it is boiling.
Do not leave the NORMA CUP exposed to the sun.
Do not store the NORMA CUP in plastic or where it cannot "breathe".
Do not sterilize the NORMA CUP in the dishwasher.
Do not use scented or aggressive soaps to wash the NORMA CUP.

Punch-Down folding

Press down and fold the cup into a tulip shape.

'C' fold

Recreate the shape of a C with the cup by applying pressure with your thumb in the center.

Triangle fold

Join the edges of the cup and fold the right side towards the bottom.

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Francesca Romana Marino

Norma soft



Molto buona

Mi trovo benissimo, mi sento sicura ed è facile da inserire e igienizzare.

Giulia Bologna

Norma soft