The days of the menstrual cycle that precede the flow can be very busy, our body prepares for the most tiring phase of the month and this can have repercussions both on our body and on our mind. Let's find out how to relieve PMS , using not a drug but a very effective plant: lemon balm officinalis. Already used in Roman times as an alfalfa, lemon balm is a perennial plant with a relaxing and sedative power, it can help us physically, psychically and emotionally.

The benefits of lemon balm on a physical level
The benefits of lemon balm on a psychic level
The energy benefits of lemon balm
How can we use lemon balm


Lemon balm is easy to find, you can plant it in your garden or even find it in the fields, its properties can really make a difference on premenstrual days.

The real power of this plant, however, is present in its active ingredients contained in its essential oil which has anti-inflammatory and sedative properties, especially precious in the days before menstruation. On a physical level it strengthens the immune system weakened by fatigue and stress and is a good hormonal regulator. It can be taken in the event of a day spastic colitis, intestinal inflammation, insomnia, nervous headache, indigestion, nausea and palpitations.

We are not talking about a miraculous plant, also because there are no magic remedies, but it is certainly an excellent plant that can support us and make us feel better physically but also psychically. It is a very useful remedy to rebalance ourselves psychologically and emotionally, when we feel in a dancing mood and overwhelmed by thoughts, typical moods of the premenstrual phase.


The premenstrual phase, in addition to manifesting itself through various pains such as headaches and breast pain, often makes us have mood swings that are difficult to manage. Lemon balm thanks to its relaxing and antidepressant properties can help us feel less angry and frustrated. Knowing how to bring our mood back to the phase of the menstrual cycle we are going through is an excellent starting point to get to know each other better and be more serene. Having lemon balm available on premenstrual days can be a trick to better live the mood swings, melancholy and nervous breakdowns that can visit us at that time.


But that's not all, lemon balm surprises us once again, in fact it not only supports us on a physical and psychological level but behind each plant there are also emotional and energetic advantages that we are now going to discover. To better explain its effectiveness on an emotional level, we share the true story of Sara and how the essential oil of lemon balm helped her in the premenstrual phase during which she had a mind full of thoughts and could not rest at night. Using it, she felt after a couple of days more mental calm, physical energy and finally managed to have a peaceful sleep during the night. This true story of Sara is an example  of the benefits that lemon balm can give us at 360 ° especially in the case of premenstrual syndrome .


Each month we experience four different phases, the phases of the menstrual cycle, which make us experience different psychophysical conditions. Recognizing them and having the tools to deal with them in the best possible way can make the difference in our daily life. Here's how lemon balm can be our trump card during premenstrual. As we have said, the active ingredients of this plant can be enclosed in essential oils, these can be used in different ways, let's see together the main ones: spreading lemon balm oil in the environment through diffusers or use it for self-massages. The second way to benefit from the properties of lemon balm is a real pampering, dilute three or four drops of essential oil in a vegetable oil and massage the abdomen, back and soles of the feet.

We can also benefit from the properties of this plant through a hydroalcoholic solution or a herbal tea to be taken during the days before menstruation.

Let us remember that although it is a natural remedy it can have contraindications, so we avoid doing it yourself and ask our pharmacist or trusted naturopath for advice.