Do you sometimes feel sad? Other times angry and anxious? And other times instead beautiful joyful?

Do you often find yourself at the mercy of mood swings and don't really know how to handle them? 

Don't worry, let's see together three practices to deal with them, they are simple and effective methodologies, within everyone's reach, you can do them whenever you feel in a centrifuge of emotions. Mood swings are phenomena that can occur in anyone regardless of whether or not we are in the premenstrual phase, it can happen during the day for various reasons of feeling anxious, irritated and nervous.

We welcome the tension
Rebalancing self-massage
Acupressure point to relax


The first practice is to recognize and welcome our emotions or tensions. Imagine yourself at home or at work in the throes of a fit of nervousness, stop for five minutes, close your eyes, inhale and exhale deeply, take pen and paper if you can. Well, now ask yourself how you are and how you feel and write it down. Then try to understand where the body is accumulating the tension, is it perhaps in the chest or in the head for example? Listen to your body with kindness to understand what you're feeling, without judging yourself or labeling yourself if it's good or bad. Do you sometimes feel sad? Other times angry and anxious? And other times instead beautiful joyful? In short, do you often find yourself at the mercy of mood swings and you really don't know how to manage yourself? This first exercise shouldn't be underestimated, on the contrary, it's the beginning of welcoming your block so that you can then let it go and dissolve it later.

Rebalancing self-massage

Once the tension in the body has been accepted and recognized, let's go and practice a self-rebalancing massage. You can take if you want an essential oil such as lavender or lemon balm. (link article 3 benefits of lemon balm in premenstruation) We identify the most tense area of ​​our body, we will use our hands which are the most powerful tool we have for self-care. Let's put a drop of essential oil if we want, let's warm up our hands rubbing them in front of our face and closing our eyes, let's go and massage the tense area. Keep in mind that it is a massage that reaches into the soul and while we do it we must treat ourselves with love and kindness.

It may happen that you are unable to identify the area to be massaged, we can suggest parts of the body where tensions are commonly concentrated. The first point on which we can intervene with a self-massage when we feel overwhelmed by emotions is the chest or neck and cervical, where we accumulate all the weights and responsibilities. 

Also include the lap or legs and massage the area until you feel a sense of relief and release.

Always remember to breathe deeply and with each exhale imagine emptying yourself of all the accumulated weights and tensions. Self-massage is very useful for feeling lighter physically and mentally, and not to be underestimated, it makes us finally make contact and awareness with our body. More often than not, hectic everyday life leads us not to give too much importance to the messages that the body sends us, until it starts to "scream" through a malaise.

Acupressure point to relax

Another practice in addition to self-massage that is very useful for relieving mood swings is acupressure. Specifically there is a point that in Chinese medicine is called yintang, seal room, which has a powerful relaxing action. The point is located in the center between the two eyebrows, it will bring us calm in moments when we feel weighed down by too many thoughts that can lead to states of anxiety and agitation. Let's do it together: take your index finger, close your eyes and press this point while breathing and exhaling and if you want you can use a drop of lavender essential oil. If you feel like it, you can also apply light pressure clockwise, this point is also very useful for relieving headaches due to nervous tension.

Well, we have seen three simple exercises that you can use on a daily basis to relieve your mood swings and promote a mental and emotional condition of balance and stability, so it's impossible not to love them, right? Try to make these three practices part of your daily life, you will see that after twenty-one days you will feel less at the mercy of your mood swings.