You are packing your suitcase and almost everything is ready for your beautiful and coveted one travel, when you realize that you will have your period! What to do? Each of us reacts otherwise. There are those who choose to break the cycle, who prefers to postpone the trip of a few days and those who, even if turning up their noses, leave anyway. Obviously the thing more it is important to follow your own feelings, but if you belonged to the last group, read on and let's see together how to deal with menstruation on vacation (or simply traveling), in 5 points:

Devices, do you know them all?
Where to change us?
Personal care
Our advice


If we think about traveling with menstruation, let's think about practicality! For this, between all devices, we decided to tell you about the menstrual cup and panties menstrual. Let's see them together.
The cup is well known and much loved because it has important advantages: a long time autonomy between one change and another, it is ecological because a single one lasts many years, you can wear it even without flow (maybe you are traveling, you know they will arrive and you can wear it waiting and feeling calm a), it does not absorb water if we take a bath (of the cup we always say that it does not absorb, does not release, but collects), it is not seen and not feels. And let's not forget the economic factor: if you only need one and last for many years, you can do it soon to understand how much we will go to save. Menstrual panties really are an excellent resource for all and are even more appreciated by those who do not particularly love interior. What are their main characteristics? They are enveloping, they are comfortable, they are safe because the we can choose according to our flow, they make us feel comfortable because there is no smell, they are ecological and give us a great sense of freedom. Also perfect for all women who love to feel their blood flow.


Where to change is certainly one of the concerns we have when we have to travel with menstruation. It becomes one of those thoughts that echoes in our heads. All visits to super organized places such as museums, exhibitions or friends' houses where we are sure of a bathroom are certainly welcome. But in all other moments, how to do it? How many times have we been around cities and scanned all the bars or restaurants around us to find the one that at a glance seemed to us to have the cleanest bathroom? Maybe you didn't know it yet, but we can download an application, there are several, which will help us find the bathroom more
close to us with a review on cleanliness, furnishings and comfort.
From the photos you could also find the one with the internal sink and, for example, change your cup in comfort. We will wander around the city much quieter. And if you find yourself in a place with really clean service that you appreciate, and it hasn't yet been reviewed on your application, do it yourself! The more we review, the more choice we will have.


We all know how important it is always intimate hygiene and we know how much it is even more so when we have the flow. And if we were to travel with menstruation, let's see what we can bring with us and what we can do. When we pack up and prepare our beauty case, you remember we love to carry And a specific intimate cleanser, different from that for daily use. The cleaner that comes recommended with menstruation has a pH of 3.5 . When traveling, especially if in summer, we find ways to wash more frequently, Why we sweat a lot more ù everywhere . And as a last step, let's dry well after the washing because a lot of moisture in the private parts can increase the risk of bacterial proliferation.


We are not talking about having the agenda in hand and tight schedules, but more of an awareness of one's menstrual cycle and a consequent choice of how to manage our journey. Two examples: some of us when we have menstruation have low blood pressure (which in the summer heat can drop even more), and it is important to consider staying cool during the hottest hours, perhaps taking advantage and resting, and dedicating ourselves to all the I stay in the coolest hours. Others suffer from insomnia and so you could plan trips and various activities from late morning onwards ..
It seems trivial, but we are often carried away by others and out of shyness, shame or other, we cannot tell them that we do not feel
quiet. We are afraid, for example, of not feeling well or we are really tired, not having slept enough, and we are not sure to follow our friends everywhere in the day. It may turn out that, due to this fear, we will not fully enjoy the time we spend with them. So if we have menstruation and decide to travel, we learn to listen to ourselves and plan our days according to our needs.


And here we are at our advice dispassionate: let's trust others, share the our feelings and our needs. Let's not close, let's open up and talk with whoever is traveling with us. Our fellow adventures could surprise us . We may find other people who like us are or menstruate or that for other reasons they have the same needs as us and will prefer our rhythms and our programs. We learn not to go against the tide, but to indulge ourselves as much as possible. This will make us less stressed and therefore more in health.