How many times have you had sexual intercourse with your period and your question was, can I get pregnant? In this article we will try to answer this fateful question and we will do it starting from the basics, that is, from how it is conceived. We will then indicate the cases in which it is more likely that this thing could happen and finally the solution to this question.

How is it conceived?
First case at risk: irregular menstrual cycle
Second case at risk: short menstrual cycle
Can I get pregnant if I have sex during my period?
Our advice


Conception, in other words "getting pregnant", occurs when the egg cell which is called oocyte/oocyte which is contained in the ovaries and contains maternal genetic information, meets and is fertilized by a sperm, i.e. the male component which in turn contains paternal genetic information. This romantic "encounter" usually takes place in the fallopian tubes that connect the ovaries to the uterus, giving birth  to the primordial embryo. Subsequently, the embryo passes into the uterus, an organ responsible for containing, nourishing and carrying on the pregnancy, where, if the conditions are right, it implants and continues to grow. This cannot happen all the time, but can only happen in a precise period. This period is called the "fertile period" and is that moment in which a person can become pregnant, because the egg cell is produced and released. 


The first case at risk is when you have completely irregular cycles. By irregular cycles we mean when the distance between one period and the next is not always the same but varies by many days between one month and the next. Obviously having an irregular cycle does not mean you are sure of getting pregnant by having sex with your period but it can be dangerous. This is because having an irregular cycle means ovulating irregularly and therefore never being sure of knowing precisely your fertile period. 

Without prejudice to the concept of the fertile period, described above, it is therefore clear that if it is not possible to predict this moment exactly, this can also happen during menstruation so that one can run the risk of becoming pregnant.


The second example of a potentially dangerous situation is when you have regular but short cycles. Regular cycles, therefore which always have the menstrual period with the same distance of days from each other but this distance is short, ie less than 24/25 days. 

In this case, it is not uncommon to ovulate and therefore be fertile immediately after the end of menstruation or even in the last days of flow.

Doing some calculations: if a sperm (remember it is the other component necessary to conceive) has a life after ejaculation of about 72 hours, and this ejaculation took place perhaps in a relationship with the menstrual cycle and after less than three days you ovulate, you understand that this means that those sperm could therefore find fertile ground.


Given the previous points, it is understandable that the answer to this Hamletic doubt, one of the most common, is that getting pregnant if you have sex during your period is unlikely but not impossible. Obviously, without prejudice to the cases in which to be more careful in order not to run into previously written surprises, it should be noted that these are not the only exceptions. Unfortunately, even those who have regular and normally long cycles are not completely and totally safe, simply because it can happen (and it would be a normal thing) that once or twice a year there may be alterations to the normal menstrual cycle.


After reading this article, anguish could arise and think that one can never be calm, that one could conceive at any moment. Well, unfortunately giving a certain and reassuring answer is difficult and depends on the situation in which each of us is. 

So our dispassionate advice is that if, in principle, you are not looking for a pregnancy and you are not already taking a hormonal contraceptive, but at the same time you want to sleep peacefully and enjoy intercourse, always using a condom is certainly the best choice. best choice.