Feeling dejected, down in the dumps as they usually say, both from a physical and mental point of view is an unpleasant sensation that completely conditions our life, both daily choices and long-term plans. We cannot stay in this energetic state for a long time, something must absolutely be done. We just have to analyze together why the mind and body on some occasions find themselves in these conditions, understand what is the correct diet to avoid and prevent them, and finally how to use integration to be able to sustain this energy state for as long as possible. possible. 

Why do we sometimes feel tired?
What can we eat to increase our energy?
What supplements can we take to enhance psycho-physical energy?


First of all we have to make a distinction, there are two types  of tiredness:

  • physical fatigue
  • mental fatigue

Physical fatigue usually results from an overload of muscle work. For example, very often people perform physical work during the day and at the end of this for passion they dedicate themselves to high-intensity sporting activities such as: running and functional fitness. Sports of this type can have an average consumption of calories between 600kcal / h and 1500kcal / h based on the intensity with which the exercises are performed. When we practice a sport of this kind, let's remember that they require long recovery times for the body, which increase according to our biological age and our physical form. It is therefore very important to avoid feeling tired to calculate a recovery period of 24 hours between an intense workout and the next, especially if our work or in general our daily life keeps us very active.

Mental fatigue, on the other hand, is related to an overload of thoughts often directly attributable to stress (link article how to protect yourself from stress) and to the release of cortisol, a substance that drains our internal energies because it uses them to help the body recover quickly. Mental fatigue is the most dangerous as it directly affects that of the muscles and therefore of the whole body.  When the mind is too busy managing daily problems, both work, family and emotional, it consumes a large amount of sugar but also produces a lot of waste, which if not eliminated tends to strain the metabolism of the brain cells, slowing down all its functions. .


Proper nutrition is the first step to be able to get out of the feeling of chronic or daily fatigue that sometimes afflicts us and affects our programs. It is therefore very important to dose the nutrients during the day to respond to the energy demands of our body. In general, the best solution is to provide the correct dose of carbohydrates at the stage of the day where it can be best used, so that  insulin, the hormone that manages its use, is produced in adequate quantities. The fundamental principle to follow to avoid energy drops is to have a hearty breakfast , rich in simple sugars and carbohydrates. In fact, in this phase of the day, insulin is produced in the right quantities and therefore the body will be able to recharge itself adequately for the whole day. Many people in the morning not being hungry drink only the coffee that provides, yes, a sprint to leave, but after a while it leaves us walking like a flooded car, with an energy drop that lasts all day. So if you want to avoid energy drops, the main rule is to have a hearty breakfast such as:

  • rye bread or toasted wholemeal bread with honey or jam;
  • yogurt with mixed seeds such as hemp, sunflower and pumpkin seeds. Add some dried fruit such as almonds and hazelnuts;
  • seasonal fruit with a little ricotta.

With a breakfast like this you will have constant energy for the part of the day that requires the most effort and you will be able to manage your energies longer term.


Often the foods we eat come from distant countries, due to economic globalization, presenting very low quantities of essential nutrients and it is therefore important to integrate with the right molecules, however, associating this integration with a healthy Mediterranean diet. Supplements are important because science has managed to reveal many secrets of plants and their active compounds, let's see which ones can be our allies against fatigue and tiredness . 

  • Euterococcus , also called Siberian ginseng, has great adaptogenic properties, that is, it can help the body find a new energy balance. This shrub affects the action of the adrenal glands by facilitating the levels of adrenaline, which in turn improves the levels of blood sugar and energy available, making us come out of the crisis of fatigue. It is also very useful in improving the immune defenses which, if low, especially during seasonal changes, may be inadequate to protect us from viral and bacterial infections. 
  • Rhodiola is a miraculous plant capable of activating a surplus of energy at the molecular level in our muscle and neural cells, which is transformed into positive mood and physical energy that allows us to overcome the crises of fatigue. 

As you can see, proper nutrition combined with supplementation with the right substances can help us raise the level of energy when we feel  down on a psycho-physical level.