Our lifestyle unfortunately leads us to ingest, breathe and assimilate a whole series of exogenous toxins that are present in the environment in which we live every day. The air we breathe is contaminated, as are the water we drink and the foods we eat every day, which in the long run can cause inflammation of our body. Although our body has been designed to eliminate excess toxins, preventing the organs from being damaged, it is important to take into account that the detoxification capacity slows down with age. So it is always necessary to cleanse the body every now and then to maintain stable energy levels.

To perform a correct purification of the body the essential steps are these:

  1. Know the functions of the main organs  to detoxify our body 
  2. Activate a nutritional detoxification protocol for at least five days
  3. Activate an integration protocol to facilitate organic detoxification

What are the organs that cleanse the body?
What to eat for detox?
Which supplements help detox?


The most important organ for the purification of our body is the liver , its functions are many and we will not be able to list them all, but it is good to know that the task of the liver is to eliminate all the toxins that enter the body through a process two-phase. The first is to use reactions to break up toxic molecules and the second is to bind them to water in order to send them to the kidney to be expelled from the body. With the first reaction the molecule loses its ability to do damage to the body, with the second one eliminates any residue from our blood. It is therefore very clear that to improve the detox capabilities of the body we must help the liver to perform this function with the right nutrition and supplementation.

The other essential organ is the kidney which has the ability to filter harmful substances, expel them from the body and also reabsorb the essential nutrients to keep the body in balance. To do this, however, it requires a particular diet which we will mention in the next paragraphs.

Then we have the intestine and the colon, they are purification systems for toxins, which are not directly absorbed but can cause damage to the tissues and the microbiome if they are kept for too long within our digestive system. 


Once we understand which organs are used for detoxifying the body, we need to find the correct nutritional protocols to facilitate their task. In general, the detoxifying diet is an almost vegan diet, where only vegetable foods and a single animal food are used: the egg. 

The task of vegan nutrition is to insert within the body proteins that are easy to digest, alkalizing nutrients, that is to say that they change the ph of our blood towards a positive sign, vegetation water that contains many microelements and vitamins capable of facilitate the organic function of the liver and kidney. Furthermore, the fibers present in the vegan diet allow the colon to be stimulated and thus eliminate all the toxins accumulated over time through the feces. The indigestible fibers are instead used by the microbiome, the bacteria that live with us, stimulated by this energy supply, it produces anti-inflammatory substances capable of facilitating the detoxification of the body. 

An example of a detox menu could be:

  • breakfast based on extract of green fruits and vegetables rich in chlorophyll which helps the liver to perform its functions;
  • gluten-free carbohydrate lunch with seeds and nuts to energize the liver; 
  • yogurt-based snack with whole grains to help the microbiome;
  • dinner based on seasonal boiled vegetables seasoned with lemon and extra virgin olive oil accompanied by a cooked egg, easy to digest, which stimulates the liver and gallbladder to contract and facilitates the elimination of toxins. 

Finally, throughout the day, you need to drink at least 3% of your body weight to help the kidney throw out toxins.


There are some plants that are able to act as detoxification activators because they act on the metabolism of the liver and colon. This help is important for those suffering from a slow metabolism in fact this situation slows down the activity of many organs and therefore their efficiency in eliminating toxins. Proper supplementation can facilitate and awaken the metabolism by accelerating the detox reaction. Let's see two perfect plants to purify our body: 

  • Green tea one of the most detoxifying drinks that can exist, if taken consistently using the correct and well treated extracts this magical plant contains many polyphenols capable of regulating tissue inflammation. It also contains a special molecule with an unpronounceable name, Epigallo catechin gallate, it is able to facilitate the energy metabolism of the liver and therefore allow the detoxification of the body.
  • Pilosella another purifying plant that facilitates the draining function of the kidney, it will allow us to clean the body from the inside with a consequent reduction in inflammation and an increase in physical and mental energy.